“One of the greatest joys of dancing is having the ability to express your art and passion whenever and wherever the occasion calls for.”

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, top-quality
dance education to all.

World Dance University was founded on the belief that dance education should be available to everyone. As dancers ourselves, we believe that dance unites the mind, body, and spirit to heal and nourish the soul. We also understand that private lessons, the best way to learn to dance, can often be expensive and inconvenient. WDU exists to bridge this gap between dance students and educators, offer first-rate dance instruction, and democratize the art of dance.

Our courses span a wide range of genres, from ballroom to line dance and beyond. Each self-paced program is comprehensive, including everything from basic steps to advanced techniques. Depending on your needs as an educator or student, our courses can serve equally well as teaching aids or as classes in and of themselves, and are designed to be accessible to beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike.

WDU Program

We believe that private lessons with a well-trained professional are the best way to learn to dance, but recognize that private lessons are not always available, affordable, or convenient. WDU was created to bridge this gap between dance students and educators. Our programs cover everything from basic steps to advanced techniques, and equip students with the tools they need to become successful social dancers. 


The Core Step System®

World Dance University's unique Core Step System® is the foundation of our program. Student-centric and beginner-friendly, the Core Step System® differs from other dance step categorization systems in that it focuses on understandability and mastery of basics rather than on competition classification. Each WDU program begins with a basic dance figure, or Core Step, which introduces students to the dance's most fundamental steps, rhythms, and techniques. Subsequent figures build on these foundational skills, expanding students' repertoires while simultaneously reinforcing mastery of the Core Step. 

Anatomy of Our Dance Lesson

Each WDU lesson begins with a introduction of the dance figure, first with and then without music. This is followed by a discussion of the leader's, then the follower's, individual dance steps. Next, instructors explain tips and techniques for leaders to develop their leading skills, and followers to develop their following skills. Instructors then discuss the timing of each step of the dance. The video closes with a final demonstration of the full dance figure with music. 



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