Frequently Asked Questions




1.  Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes.  You can cancel at any time and for any reason.

2.  If I cancel my account, can I receive a refund?

There will be no refund or proration when you cancel your account, but all future billing will be stopped. You will have access to the program for the duration of your billing cycle. There will be no refund for our lifetime plan.

3.  Can I download WDU videos?

Yes, we do have some downloadable content. They can be accessed here.

4.  Does my membership give me access to new content?

Yes. Members can immediately access all new content as it is released.

5.  Can I suggest topics for your future blogs and dance talks?

Yes! We welcome feedback and suggestions. Contact us here

6.  Do I need prior dance experience to learn from WDU?

WDU is designed for dancers of all levels. See our dance talks for tips on how to get started. 

7.  Do I have to have a partner in order to learn from WDU's partner dance programs?

You do not need a partner to learn from WDU. Simply practice your half of the dance pattern at home until you are ready for a group class, private lesson, or social dance. 

8. Where can I find out about new and upcoming material? 

We'll announce new and upcoming material on our website and on our social media pages. Connect with us on Facebook today. 

9.  Where can I find dance music to practice to? 

Our Dance Music page contains a playlist for each dance covered in WDU's catalog. Simply create a free Spotify account to browse and listen.

10. Does WDU's catalog include all existing dance patterns for each listed dance?

Absolutely not! Dances evolve over time, and new patterns are always being born. WDU catalogues commonly recognized patterns that are frequently found on social and competetive dance floors. 

11. How can I find places or events where I can utilize my dance skills?

Look for dance studios and dance organizations in your area, or simply take advantage of dancing opportunities at parties, clubs, and weddings. Social media is a great tool to see what classes and events are happening near you.

12.  Do you have a members forum where I can connect with other WDU members to practice or social dance with?

Yes.  You can connect with other WDU members through our Official World Dance University Members Facebook group.

Can't find an answer to your question? Contact us here.