Inspired by the popular street-dance in Brazil, this partner dance is done to the syncopated South American rhythms of Samba music, as well as many Latin-flavored pop tunes.  Most commonly done at ballroom events and studios, you can also dance Samba at lounges and nightclubs.  Samba has a lilt and hip motion different than the Cuban motion of other Latin dances like Salsa and Rumba, so it adds more dimension and options to your repertoire, as well as helps you develop new skills.  The steps are danced with a slight bounce which gives Samba its distinguishable look.

The music for Samba is very rhythmical and will defiantly get you bouncing in your chairs.

Popular Samba songs: Tu Picadura (Ballroom Orchestra), Banto (Kaoma) and Samba Hey (El General). 

Instructors: Michelle Kletz & Bumchin Tegshjargal

Click on the Spotify symbol to sample Samba music.

Core Steps: 6
Total Steps: 32
Total Course Hours: 6:26:12
Total Videos: 32
Language: English
Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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