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Salsa on the One is a style of Salsa that breaks on the first beat of the music. This is a very common style of Salsa that is danced all over the world. With an almost never ending arrangement of combinations, dips, spins and tricks, Salsa on the One is must for all social dancers. Master the core steps and add exciting variations to your Salsa!

Salsa originated in Cuba, but was importantly influenced by a number of cultures and styles, from country dances in England and France to the strong beats of early African Rumba to the rolling rhythmic flow of Spanish and Latin American music. Despite its reliance on a single genre of music, salsa has become extraordinarily popular as both a competitive and a nightclub dance, in part due to the simplicity and accessibility of its repetitive basic step. Today it is best known for its upbeat, exuberant energy and its highly social and improvisational culture.

With origins in Cuba, Salsa has influences from Spanish and African culture. Salsa is a popular nightclub dance throughout Latin America as well as North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. The basic step of Salsa, as well as the many turns and spins, stays largely in place and is designed to be danced on crowded floors, like a night club. While dancing, the basic step can be modified significantly as part of the improvisation and styling of the people dancing. Salsa defined as spicy and hot is the perfect description of this dance. Not only are the dance steps spicy and hot but the partnership between leader and follower take on a whole life of its own. Throughout the turns, dips and tricks lives a heart beat that is shared between dancers. Hot clubs, sexy stares, sensual embraces, and fluid movements couples with that perfect clave beat will leave you with an experience that will last forever.

Popular Salsa songs: Abre Que Voy (Miguel Enriguez), Micaela (Sonora Carruseles) and Libre (Salsa) - (El Rubio Loco).

Instructor: Bradley Montoya

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Core Steps: 14
Total Steps: 215
Total Course Hours: 17:58:41
Total Videos: 215
Language: English
Level: Beginning-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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