Argentine Tango
Open Embrace

Argentine Tango, also known as the Dancer's Dance, is a masterpiece of culture, music, and passion. Exquisite movements, precise leads and follows, and an enthralling, romantic, late-night feel combine to create an addictive, enthralling dance that has captivated dancers across the world. Valz Argentine Tango gets its name and look from the Waltz, and is distinct from other forms of Argentine Tango in that it is danced to songs with three-four timing. 

Open Embrace Argentine Tango takes off where the Closed Embrace left off: it opens the dance frame, allowing for greater variety in style and dance figures. It is sometimes known as "Stage Argentine Tango”. In Paris, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires, it is common to see dancers blend the Closed and Open styles.

Popular Open Embrace (Stage) Argentine Tango songs: Libertango (Astor Piazzolla, Yo-Yo Ma), Enjoy The Silence (Tangettto) and Last Tango In Paris (Gotan Project).

Instructor: Bradley Montoya

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Core Steps: 12
Total Steps: 189
Total Course Hours: 12:45:23
Total Videos: 189
Language: English
Level: Beginning-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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