Classic Dance

The Ballet is part of our Classic program. It includes a wide range of dance techniques, concepts, and fundamentals that are guaranteed to assist you in your dance journey. The Ballet program includes:

Positions and Facings: Feet, arms, facings and extensions.

Essential Steps: Plié, Elevé, Relevé, Sous-sous, Tendu, Coupé, Fondu, Frappé, Chasse, Piqué, Port de Bras, and more.

Order of Barre: Plie combo, Slow Tendus in first, Tendus in fifth, Dégagé combo, Ron de Jambs, Barré stretch, Adagio and Grande Battements.

Center, including many aspects of Adagio, Waltz/Turns, Small Jumps, Petit Allegro and Grand Allegro.

Instructor: Zoe Canteras

Total Lessons: 17
Total Course Hours: 1:31:24
Total Videos: 20
Languages: English
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

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