Downloadable Lessons

World Dance University® is an Online Dance School that you can access 24 hours a day. By request, we now offer our Core Steps to be downloadable. Each Core Step is offered a la carte in our Download program. This way you can always have access to the fundamentals of The Core Step System.

This compilation includes

  • Cha Cha Rhythm Core Step 1
  • Rumba Rhythm Core Step 1
  • East Coast Swing Rhythm Core Step 1
  • Cha Cha Latin Core Step 1
  • Samba Latin Core Step 1
  • Rumba Latin Core Step 1
  • Paso Doble Latin Core Step 1
  • Salsa Night Club Dances Core Step 1
  • Bachata Night Club Dances Core Step 1
  • Hustle (Four Step) Night Club Dances Core Step 1
  • Single Time Swing Night Club Dances Core Step 1
  • Argentine Tango Open Embrace Core Step 1

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