Cha Cha

Rooted in Cuban beats and catchy rhythms, Cha-Cha is a fun, sassy, rhythmic dance. The Cha-Cha pattern starts on the second beat of the measure, and its small, quick syncopations create a lively, exciting energy on the dance floor. Cha-Cha is popular in both its competitive and social dance forms, with fun and beautifully simple lead-and-follow patterns.

Popular Cha Cha songs: Oye Como Va (Carlos Santana), Rie Y Llora (Celia Cruz) and Sweet Like Cola (Lou Bega).  

Instructors: Bradley Montoya

Click on the Spotify symbol to sample Cha Cha music.

Core Steps: 9
Total Steps: 77
Total Course Hours: 6:45:28
Total Videos: 77
Languages: English
Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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