East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is the third dance in the Rhythm program. It is also known as Triple Time Swing using the chasse and rock step as its basic movements. Danced to “Rock and Roll”, no wonder it is called the ‘All American Fun Dance”. With its fun and entertaining variations, the East Coast Swing program is a favorite of many social dancers.

In the 1940s, ballroom dance teachers sought to adapt the popular but fast-paced Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Swing for an eager but less agile public. The results of this effort were East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, which quickly caught on and spread across America. East Coast Swing, also known as Eastern Swing, American Swing, and Triple Swing, is impressively versatile, easily adaptable to a wide variety of popular styles from blues to big band to 50’s rock. Its cheery, conversational pace and quintessentially American character have made it not only one of the most popular but also one of the most accessible of ballroom dances today.

East Coast Swing evolved from Lindy Hop in the 1940s. A lively and fun dance, it is characterized by fast swing music with basic rhythms involving rock steps and triple steps. It is also known as Eastern Swing, American Swing, and Triple Swing. This is the most versatile of all the dances from 50s Rock and Roll, Big Band, Rhythm and Blues and a variety of today’s music.

Triple Time East Coast Swing also know as the “All American fun dance” is the quintessential dance of the USA. East Coast Swing allows all cares and troubles of our lives to be placed on hold while the leader and follower magically express pure joy and happiness as they rock step, triple step and swing their way throughout the evening. This dance is like a strong cup of espresso, it will wake you up and get you asking for another.

Popular East Coast Swing music: Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison), Rubberneckin' - Paul Oakenfold Remix / Radio Edit (Elvis Presley) and Ooh Ooh Baby (Britney Spears).

Instructor: Bradley Montoya

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Core Steps: 9
Total Steps: 111
Total Course Hours: 7:22:27
Total Videos: 111
Language: English 
Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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