Argentine Tango
Closed Embrace

Argentine Tango, also known as the Dancer's Dance, is a masterpiece of culture, music, and passion. Exquisite movements, precise leads and follows, and an enthralling, romantic, late-night feel combine to create an addictive, enthralling dance that has captivated dancers across the world. 

Closed Embrace Argentine Tango is the original form of Argentine Tango. All other forms of the dance derive from the Closed Embrace form. In Closed Embrace, dance partners never break the dance frame, giving the dance a deeply intimate look and feel.

The Closed Embrace Argentine Tango course includes a number of Core Steps: Walking Forward, Cadencia, Rock Step, Forward Ocho, Back Ocho, Molinete Left, and Molinete Right. Combined with variations and Elements of Argentine Tango techniques, these equip social dancers to skillfully dance the night away.

Popular Closed Embrace Argentine Tango songs: Bahia Blanca - Instrumental (Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquestra), Recuerdo (Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquestra) and Caminito (Orquestra El Arranque).

Instructor: Bradley Montoya & Lauren Montoya

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Core Steps: 9
Total Steps: 69
Total Course Hours: 6:27:59
Total Videos: 69
Language: English
Level: Beginning-Intermediate-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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