The Rumba’s deep African and Spanish influences are evident in its strong, soulful beats and its strikingly romantic rhythm. Its historical roots can be traced back to African slaves in the sixteenth century, who developed it as a folk dance to percussion instruments. Over the next four hundred years, the dance adapted to Latin music and spread through Latin American society, finally reaching America and Europe in the early 1900s. Characterized by slow, deliberate hip movement and passionate expressiveness, the Rumba has become emblematic of both competitive and social Latin dance.

Popular Rumba songs: Lo so che finira (Anna Tatangelo), Song From A Secret Garden (Ballroom Orchestra) and (Where Do I Begin) Love Story (Shirley Bassey).  

Instructors: Michelle Kletz & Bumchin Tegshjargal

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Core Steps: 7
Total Steps: 24
Total Course Hours: 1:25:46
Total Videos: 24
Languages: English
Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

This program utilizes the Core Step System® method.

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