Bradley Montoya

Co-Founder, CVO, Content Production, Instructor

Bradley's vision for World Dance University began in 1995, the start of his career as a professional dance instructor. He dreamed of making dance more accessible, affordable, and understandable by creating an instructional platform that could support both new and established dancers worldwide in their dance journeys. In 1998 he created the Core Step Method, a teaching system designed for fun, quick, and easy learning. In 2009 he met Lauren, who became both his business partner and his best friend: together, they made his dream a reality.

Bradley believes that education is the key to growth, and works diligently to educate himself on the doctrine, pedagogy, and mechanics of dance through personal coaching and competition judging, as well as through the study of philosophy, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. He has won numerous championships and teaching awards at NDCA, AMI, WDC, UCWDC, and other competitions. Bradley seeks to give back to the world of dance by providing his students with the finest education and dance experience possible. He takes great pride in being a husband, father and friend to his family and loved ones. Bradley thanks his family and the dance industry for teaching him about life and love. 

Lauren Montoya

As CEO and CFO of World Dance University, Lauren brought Bradley's vision to life. Before co-founding WDU with her husband, she owned and managed several successful businesses, including a computer networking company and a New-Orleans-style cafe. Equipped with her expertise as a businesswoman and entrepreneur and fueled by her love for the art of dance, Lauren built the infrastructure of WDU's teaching program, designed, and directed its development and launch. To Lauren, WDU is not only a tribute to dance's ability to nourish the soul, but also a celebration of the great joy that dance has brought into her own life. 

Lauren is grateful for the opportunity to channel her skills and passion into a project she truly believes in. She thanks her loved ones for their unconditional support, and for inspiring her every day.

Jasmine Sien

Jasmine Sien joined the World Dance University team in October 2014 as a web developer and video editor. She graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2014 with a B.S. in computer science. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jasmine enjoys watching anime and attending cosplay events in her spare time.

Courtney Tran

Courtney Tran graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She joined the World Dance University team in December 2015 as a content writer, text editor, and design assistant. In the past Courtney has worked as a layout editor for the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, written blog articles for Veritas Prep, and edited reports for publication as an intern at the Universal Rights Group. 

Courtney is based in New York and spends her free time cooking, social dancing, and traveling the world.

Ryan Tran

Ryan Tran began dancing at the age of 11. He prefers social dancing to formal competition, and works to hone his ballroom skills at salsa clubs and other social dancing venues. Ryan joined the United States Marine Corps in 2015, and is based in southern California, where he enjoys hiking, studying videography and teaching social dance in his spare time. At World Dance University, Ryan advises site design, content production, and marketing strategy.